An escort fulfills many functions and offers personal services to individuals requiring those services. Some people use escorting services to fill a void for the moment, for the convenience of enjoying the company of another person without the pressure of a long-term commitment, and when the perfect person doesn't exist. 


My rates are not displayed because various factors go into calculating what the rate should be: is travel involved, is it just the client or are other people going to be involved etc?. And because no two sessions are identical, it is best to email me about rates for your specific interests. 


I live in New York, but I travel to certain states during the year for my business. If I'm in your state, please feel free to send me an email, as I always build time into my itinerary for engaging new clients and growing the business.  

If I'm not in your state but you are interested in me coming to you, there are two things you may want to consider: 

In-House: An In-House session is when I am flown into your city or state and I stay in your home during my visit..  

Out-House: An Out- House session is when I'm flown into your city or state and I'm put up in a hotel for the duration of my visit.